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your questions about accreditation you can ask
Head of the rally press center, daily accreditation
(Russian English)

For a daily accreditation, read this page to the end

Accreditation entry forms will be available at after 15th of June 2022

End of application: two days before the visit to the chosen bivouac/start/finish.

The number of daily accreditations is limited per media and cannot exceed:

  • For TV channels – not more than 5 persons
  • For Radio, printed media, internet – not more than 2 persons.

 CAUTION: It’s impossible to obtain daily accreditations for more than 3 rally legs.

The rally leg is:

  • Administrative checks and start podium.
  • Any entire leg, starting from the morning and finishing at night.
  • Final leg and finish podium.

Request for daily accreditation at start and/or finish and/or bivouac along the rally itinerary should be accompanied by the letter from the editor-in-chief of the media, indicating a preliminary plan of the publications about the rally and media output data. To receive the accreditation at the start and at the finish it is necessary to present the copy of press card and/or editorial card.

Please, read the Media Regulation carefully –

Accreditation provides a daily access to:

  • Bivouacs (without food)
  • Spaces for competitors
  • Press information in the electronic form (dedicated area, no access to the Media Center)
  • Podiums (dedicated area)


  • Catering is not included in a DAILY ACCREDITATION.
  • The exit to the racing track is prohibited.
  • The media representative bears the communication expenses.
  • The Organizers do not provide transport, computers, and other office equipment, as well as the Internet connection.
Date, city Stage No. LEG Link to the accreditation form Applications are accepted BEFORE:
06 – 07 July 2022, Astrakhan 1 Administrative checks and scrutineering, qualifying stage and starting podium Click to apply… July 04, 2022
July 08, 2022, Astrakhan 2 ASTRAKHAN — ASTRAKHAN Click to apply… July 06, 2022
July 09, 2022, Astrakhan 3 ASTRAKHAN — ASTRAKHAN

Gold of Kagan Baja finish

Click to apply… July 07, 2022
July 10, 2022, Grozny 4 ASTRAKHAN — GROZNY Click to apply… July 08, 2022
July 11, 2022, Grozny 5 GROZNY — GROZNY Click to apply… July 09, 2022
July 12, 2022, Grozny 6 GROZNY — ELISTA (marathon) Click to apply… July 10, 2022
July 13, 2022, Elista 7 ELISTA — ELISTA Click to apply… July 11, 2022
July 14, 2022, Volgograd 8 ELISTA — VOLGOGRAD Click to apply… July 12, 2022
July 15, 2022, Lipetsk 9 VOLGOGRAD — LIPETSK Click to apply… July 13, 2022
July 16, 2022, Moscow 10 LIPETSK — MOSCOW

and the ceremonial finish (podium)

Click to apply… July 14, 2022

your questions about accreditation you can ask
Head of the rally press center, daily accreditation
(Russian English)

Press accreditation start date for the entire 2022 rally route: April 15, 2022

 Regulations Press ENG 2022


Dates of the event: from 06 to 16 July, 2022.

Regions and counties: Russia

Administrative checks and scrutineering: Astrakhan, 6-7 July, 2022.

Permanent accreditation from 01 to 11 July, 2021  


Private car is used (not supplied by the race Organizers) Movement from Omsk to Ulaanbaatar by plane and by bus, chartered by the race Organizers Own transport Applications are accepted on a competitive basis Accessible for visit: three rally stages (days)
Use of media center and Internet Х
Catering at the rally bivouacs on the route Х
180 000 RUB 250 000 RUB 180 000 RUB FREE FREE
Deadline for applications for permanent accreditation:
 June 1, 2022
14 May 2022 Two days before the visit

The number of accreditations in each category is limited.

Accredited media are provided:

  • the right to use the Press Center, internet access in the Press Centre;
  • press kit, containing basic information about the competition (issued at accreditation procedures completion);
  • access to the opening and prize-giving ceremonies;
  • the opportunity to participate in press conferences, presentations;
  • access to the Service Park;
  • access to the race track (in designated picturesque areas);
  • the right to priority access to information about what is happening during the competition, including event notification;
  • assistance in arranging interviews with the rally participants, officials and competition organizers;

The accredited press can, upon request, receive a set of photos from the official media service for publication in the media.

Accredited television crews, upon request, can receive video footage shot by a professional film crew of the media service.