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Enrico Gaspari: the Silk Way Rally gives me the emotions, speed, technique and navigation

Enrico Gaspari from Xtreme+ Team will participate in the Silk Way Rally in Polaris RZR900E84. He talks to Telegram Channel Cross-Country Rally News about the Rally Kazakhstan 2021 and the Silk Way Rally 2021.

I’m quite “old” (44 y.o.) but I’m very “young” for this cross-country rally motorsport. My first race was the Dakar 2020 and I finished my first marathon on the 51 position among cars. I’m planning to take part in all rounds of the World Cup 2021 in SSV T3 category in a Polaris with Xtreme+ Team. My goal during this season is to prepare well for the Dakar 2022. 

My last race was Rally Kazakistan. The race was amazing! A mix of technical passages, fast tracks and a lot of attention to navigation which made it exceptional!

I am going to the Silk Way Rally for the first time, but I’m sure it’ll give me emotions I’m seeking for: speed, technique and navigation. In Russia and Mongolia I expect to see everything in a unique geographical frame.