What to take on rally



  1. A tent (ideally: quick setup (in 2 min) self-supporting dome construction with Fresh&Black technology, gives shadow and protects from sunshine in hot weather);
  2. Sleeping bag (compact, light, with temperature rating -5C);
  3. Camping foam pad or self-inflating mattress;
  4. Headlamp or flashlight.

* Camping equipment expenses are borne by journalists themselves. Journalists are responsible for pitching and taking down the tents.
Responsibility for safety of personal belongings is carried by journalist only.


  • Please note that it is not recommended to carry big structured suitcase.
  • It is better to use either small luggage bag or wheeled travel bag or soft bag.
  • Do not bring unnecessary things. If you want to take something extra, ask those, who have already participated in rally. Most things are useless.
  • The worst thing that may happen during rally is to OVERSLEEP!!! Be sure to bring portable alarm clock and set two alarms a day. The race crosses several time zones, so the time will change, please pay attention to it.
  • Portable power banks must be capacity of LESS than 10,000 AM. That means that 9,999 is allowed and 10,000 may be seized by customs.


  1. Baseball cap, bandana, hat – at your choice;
  2. Buff, neckpiece, handkerchief – to protect your neck from sunburn;
  3. Shower shoes;
  4. Sneakers and/or tracking boots;
  5. Thick jacket (fleece);
  6. Wind jacket (raincoat);
  7. Shorts;
  8. Sweatpants or similar;
  9. Т-shirts/polo;
  10. Pants (cargo, see picture);
  11. Set of socks (one pair for each day);
  12. Underwear;
  13. Swimming suit;
  14. Wear for gala dinner (women: cocktail dress and high heels, men: shirt (polo), dress pants, jacket);
  15. Sunglasses (better to bring two pairs);
  16. Personal medications (if necessary);
  17. Panthenol, activated charcoal tablets (Filtrum), band aid (anything else can be found at our medical);
  18. Sanitary (better to bring them in separate bag);
  19. Personal towel, soap;
  20. Wet wipes;
  21. Tissues;
  22. Hand sanitizer;
  23. Ear plugs for sleeping;
  24. Chargers for all your devices: 2 for smartphone (plus a set of charging cables), for computer, for camera;
  25. Adapters 220V to charge your devices in the car;
  26. Hand watch;
  27. DOCUMENTS!!! + 2 document copies (to pack separately from originals, to upload scan copies in cloud storage);
  28. Cash in rubles, Chinese yuan (for personal needs);
  29. Flight kit (neck pillow, eye mask, ear plugs).
  30. Rain protection for your shoes (your can find  in internet)