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Turbat Purevbat (Mongolia)

Master of Motorsports.


My dad and uncle B. Hadbaatar led me to motorcycle sport in 2006. The first motorcycle was a Chinese one with an engine capacity of fifty cubic centimeters.

I’m proud to be the fourth generation racer in a motorcycle family. My grandfather D. Batkhishig is the founder of the dynasty.

His son Master of Sports B. Narmandakh and International Master of Sports B. Hadbaatar are racers of the first and second generation.

International Master of Sports Kh. Temujin, as well as B. Bilegt and H. Ariunbat are racers of the third generation.

And finally, Kh. Battushig, N. Itgelkhuslen and I, P. Torbat, we are representatives of the fourth generation.

The 2021 Silk Way Rally is the first such large and long-term international race for me. Therefore, I’m confident that I will be able to gain experience. This is a great challenge for me at the beginning of my racing career.

At the Silk Way Rally I will be competing with a small team called Team Mongolia Number One that includes a manager and one mechanic. I’m currently preparing for the upcoming race physically and mentally. As for the motorcycle, I plan to ride the Husqvarna FE450A.




Turbat Purevbat

Turbat Purevbat, a motorcyclist from Mongolia and a debutant of the Silk Way Rally, is at the start of the eleventh edition of the race.

Turbat has been racing since 2006 and is a fourth generation racer – he is a good representative of his dynasty. Turbat’s grandfather, as well as his father, uncle and brothers took part in the Mongolian races and in the international competitions. And now the youngest representative of the dynasty goes to the start of the Silk Way Rally. The 2021 Silk Way Rally is the first such large international race for Turbat.

М Husqvarna FE450A MOTO


T Team Mongolia Number One